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Obama’s loved by these nice folks

Some big names support Brack Obama’s reelection effort..

 Front Page Magizine
If I were a U.S. citizen I’d vote for Obama for president,” boasted Mariela Castro during her San Francisco conference last week. “I think he is sincere, I think he speaks from the heart.” To cheers and applause from the San Franciscan crowd Raul Castro’s daughter also proclaimed that “what we want is the power of emancipation through socialism.”
Last year, former Democratic president Jimmy Carter thoroughly charmed Mariela’s father and uncle in Havana. “We greeted each other as old friends,” gushed Carter regarding his meeting with Fidel Castro.

Fidel Castro’s brother, Raul ,Mariela’s Father is seen getting ready to shoot a young rebel soldier who disobeyed orders.

The Cuban Memorial displayed at Tamiami Park, Miami, Florida: Each cross bears the name of a victim of Castro’s genocide against the Cuban people

Actually, Castroites have been associates of Obama’s associates for decades. ”I have been affiliated with the Cuba Council of Churches since the 1980s,” boasted Rev. Jeremiah Wright in a sermon on July 16, 2006. “I have several close Cuban friends who work with the Cuba Council of Churches and you have heard me preach about our affiliation and the Black Theology Project’s trips to Cuba. The Cuban Council of Churches has been a non-partisan global mission partner for decades. I have worked with them for two decades.”
Non-partisan,” Reverend Wright? Not according to Cuban intelligence defector Juan Vives, who from hands-on experience reports that the Cuba Council of Churches is in fact an arm of Cuba’s ICAP (Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos), itself an arm of Cuba’s DGI, Cuba’s secret police, founded and mentored by the KGB and East German STASI. The ICAP’s long-time chieftain was Rene Cruz Rodriguez, perhaps one of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s “friends.”
Mariela Castro was in the United States to participate in a another event that seems near and dear to the presidents heart, she’s advocate for gay rights from Huffington Post’s 
Tonight, the New York Public Library will host aprogram called “LGBT Rights in Cuba, the United States and Beyond: Mariela Castro and Rea Carey in Conversation.”
Mariela Castro, of course, is the daughter of current Cuban President Raúl Castro, and the niece of Fidel Castro. She has established a record of support for the LGBT community in Cuba and has been a voice and a force for substantive change within Cuba on issues affecting LGBT people, from promoting general LGBT visibility and acceptance to advancing HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, from obtaining sex reassignment surgery coverage by the national health service to advocating for legal recognition of same-sex relationships.
Rea Carey is the executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) and is, in my opinion, one of the most accomplished and inspiring leaders of the movement for LGBT civil rights in the United States.
Castro was approved for a gay convention, at the same time that a number of Cuba’s scientists, engineers and medical doctors were turned down visas to attend conferences here in the states related to their various professions.  Interesting

Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Since Front Page Magazine was king enough to bring up Rev. Jeremiah Wright We’ll take a look at him next, since the President decided to toss Reverend Wright under the first convenient bus  after this video came out, his support for the President has waned considerably.  I was planing on leaving him out of this because unlike the other people I plan on talking about, Wright didn’t use his notoriety to contribute to Obama’s fame, it was the other way around.  The other reason is as far as I know, Jeremiah Wright has never killed or conspired to kill anyone for political gain.



Now this might be a good time to bring up Louis Farrakhan, he and Wright have had a long relationship, but let’s wait on jim for a little while.  He fit’s in better with someone we’ll get to in a few minutes..

Heading back down South we find;

If you visit his page on Wikipedia;  Hugo Chavez does not come across as a saint, but you get the immediate impression that the page is been careful edited to make it appear that he’s a real good guy. Since I’ve been hearing that he wasn’t such a good guy for the last 20 years or so I decided to check with our friends at Discover The Networks. They had a slightly different opinion, here is an excerpt.
Writing in National Review, William S. Prillman states that “Chavez has also imported hundreds of Cuban activists” whose objective is “to arm his thousands of civilian supporters in the ‘Bolivarian Circles,’ a private militia that rivals the National police force.” This militia, according to Prillman, has been involved with the theft of land in Venezuela. He also reports that a faction of the Bolivarian Circles claimed credit for a bomb exploding outside Colombia’s national consulate offices in Caracas. A few days before the bombing, the government of Colombia had complained that Hugo Chavez was supporting the Marxist FARC terrorists and their revolution in Colombia.
Chavez has close ties to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. He provides Castro with cheap oil, and Castro, in return, provides him with military support and training for his Bolivarian Circles. Castro has trained many terrorists in Cuba, including Americans, and has an extensive espionage network within the United States.
Chavez maintains contacts with terrorism-sponsoring nations in the Middle East. He was the first world leader to visit Saddam Hussein after the first Persian Gulf War. In 2001 he signed “cooperation agreements” with Libya, Iraq, and Iran. Former Venezuelan military officials allege that Chavez directly supports Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda.
In the January 8, 2003 issue of National ReviewIvan G. Osorio of the Competitive Enterprise Institute reported that Venezuelan Air Force Major Juan Diaz Castillo directly linked Chavez to the Taliban in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda: “Diaz said that shortly following the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, Chavez commissioned him ‘to organize, coordinate, and execute a covert operation consisting of delivering financial resources, specifically $1 million to [Afghanistan] Taliban government, in order for them to assist the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.’” Osorio explains that according to Major Castillo, the money was funneled through Venezuela’s ambassador in India, Walter Marquez. The $1 million was divided, with 90% going to fund the murders of Sept 11, 2001.
The last paragraph contains a charge I had not seen before. I could no longer find the national review article but I did find the original and linked it. There isn’t much doubt that Hugo Chavez is helping to arm the Mexican drug cartels and launder money for them, but of course so is Eric Holder. We also know Chavez has been working closely with Iran to aid them in circumventing UN sanctions.
By now I know some people are wondering why have spent so much time talking about endorsements that Obama is getting from petty Third World dictators and their families. The reason is the next group of Obama supporters that I’m going to talk about all I have a close ties to either the Cuban by the Venezuelan dictatorship in some cases both. Over the last few years names from the 60s and 70s that most Americans would like to forget have resurfaced. Several of the people who have reappeared were associated with the Weather Underground. I thought most of these people were either dead or serving life imprisonment. I was wrong, most served little time at all in prison,  The ones that  drew longer prison sentences had their sentences commuted by President Bill Clinton at request of current United States Atty. Gen. Eric Holder

There is overwhelming ironclad evidence showing that Ayers and the Weather Underground received funds, training, weapons, false identification documents, passports, safe houses, and other assistance from our enemies: the communist governments of China and the Soviet Union, as well as their minions — Cuba, East Germany, North Vietnam, Czechoslovakia, and North Korea. We know this from the many admissions of Weathermen in their own writings and interviews, as well as from defectors and the numerous documents released by the FBI of intercepted communications, surveillance photos, testimony of undercover operatives, and captured records..........................

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